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The key to getting out of credit card debt efficiently is to pay down the balance of credit cards that charge the most interest while paying at least the minimum due on all your other debt. Once the high interest debt is paid down, tackle the next highest, and so on. 

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Being behind on your bills and unsecured debt can feel like the end of the world. Having to deal with those high credit card interest or those hasselling bill collectors can be daunting and depressing, but Shoals Debt Management Inc., can offer debt help, by assisting you with credit card consolidation and debt consalidation.

As a consumer credit counseling and debt management organization, we work with each of our clients and there budgets to you find a personalized solutions, ease financial stress, and teach you the skills necessary to stay out of debt.


Advance Payday Loans & Title Loans are short terms loans and should be treated as such, but if you have over extended yourself  please call 256-381-6451 / 800-611-6451 or sdm4@att,net and we might have your solution.......


SR59 Conditional Releases are available for those of you that have lost your Drivers Licenses due to an automobile accident with no insurance and now owe monies. We can possibly get that account on a Re-payment Plan then get your Drivers License Reinstated call 256-381-6451 / 800-611-6451 or sdm4@att.net for more info




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Debt Management, Muscle Shoals, ALAt Shoals Debt Management, Inc., we are a team of consumer credit counselors dedicated to helping families achieve and maintain a debt free life. We consolidate your credit cards, personal loans, IRS, student loans, and any outstanding bills. All your unsecured debt will be consolidated to (1) low monthly payment, and reduce your interest rates by 50%. Giving you a time frame to pay off all your debt without hurting your credit. Debt Management, Muscle Shoals, ALLet the knowledgable staff of our nationwide company help you manage and take control of your debts. This is not a loan. This is a consolidation of your unsecured bills into one low monthly payment. Let Shoals Debt Management deal with your creditors and stop those harassing phone calls. Debt Management, Muscle Shoals, ALAmong our clients are many shining success stories, and we want you to be one of them. Schedule your free consultation today, there are no program application fees making it easy to start down the road to improved financial well-being. you can get out of debt and we can help.

This program is so simple it's unbelievable! We paid off one bill the first month and 68,000 in bills in less than 4 years. Keep up the good work!
Charlie Young of New York

I would recommend this service to anyone who is sincerely interesting in having financial freedom. I thank Shoals Debt Management!!
George Carter of Alabama

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